A Website Template System for Posting Course Materials
How Campus Post It works:

Campus Post It is a database driven website platform.  You provide us with your instructors' names, email address, and departments.  We upload this information into our secure database.  You have access to an administrator page in which you can add/edit/delete instructors and departments, and override any instructor's course website at any time.  You can also force some or all teachers to require your approval before postings go live. In this case, you will be notified via email when restricted instructors submit a posting. We customize the product by adding your school logo and colors to make this a seamless part of your school website. Download the technology coordinator (administrator) manual or the user (teacher) manual.

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Faculty members are given passwords to:

The website gets updated immediately! 

Students have the ability to visit (from anywhere) any public course website, or login to visit a private (password-protected) course website if their instructor gave them the password. 

Linking our system to your current website is seamless through a simple hyperlink (to the faculty page). 

There is an annual fee, which covers the setup, training and email support.
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